New Release | Purpose by Justin Bieber


Alright, guys. Today’s the day. Grab a cup of coffee or a bottle of champaign cause I got a feeling this is going to be a long blog post. A very long one.

Among all the music that’s coming out today there’s one record that I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time now:

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Now, before you roll your eyes and leave this blog I’m asking you to take a couple minutes of your oh so precious time and hear me out before you go back to stalking hot people on Instagram cause he’s changed.  And I’ll show you (pun #1).

I’ve been a fan of Justin Bieber since the very beginning and I remember defending him in front of everyone cause people called him and his music gay, girly and childish. I never understood where all that hate came from so I kept listening to his super high pitched voice that I didn’t mind at all, tbh. I watched tons of live performances, interviews, stalked him on twitter etc. – I was a full on belieber. People kept making fun me but I didn’t care. Music is universal. If you found an artist that you believe in then you should let their music fulfill you with joy, regardless of what others think.

Even though I’m a fan of Justin’s music I’ll admit that I completely skipped his Journals phase. I don’t know what he was thinking when he made that record but that was crap. It didn’t seem honest or authentic. All I heard was lots of whining, which kinda upset me. Sorry not sorry (pun #2). But hey, if you don’t like something then simply don’t listen to it, right? That’s exactly what I did. I decided to wait for his next record, hoping it’d be better than the last one. Well, thank god it is.

Three years later Justin Bieber finally released a record that I’ve actually been waiting for ever since I discovered him. Don’t get me wrong though, I enjoyed his previous records (except Journals. Seriously, Justin – what were thinking?) but I always knew that he could do a lot better if people just stopped pushing him into this ‘teenage heartthrob, who’s got a high voice but it doesn’t matter cause his hair is cute and all the teenage girls will like him’ direction. So yeah, you could say that I was more than intrigued by Where Are Ü Now, his collab with Skrillex and Diplo. Little did I know that he’d pick up the style of the song and apply it to his new album.

I remember listening to What Do You Mean? and all I was thinking was ‘omg, what is this it sounds so cool and different and awesome’. Then he uploaded a snippet of Sorry while he was dancing to it on Instagram and I kept playing it over and over again. You know when you press play on Instagram and the video keeps replaying itself without you having to actually press play multiple times? Well, eventually Insta got annoyed and the video stopped. So yeah, I guess it’s needless to say that Sorry is one of my favorite songs. His third release was I’ll Show You and I just cannot get over the video tbh. The scenery is everything and the song is definitely one of his most honest ones. Also, it’s one of the only songs that’s not about his love life, which is nice for a change (wink emoji). During this crazy phase of promotion etc. he casually announced that he had a song called The Feeling and that the female collaborator is no other than Halsey. HALSEY. H-A-L-S-E-Y. You know how much I love her so don’t even get me started on how I reacted when I found out about this collab (I totally had tears in my eyes). Btw, Justin and Halsey are completely different artists. I’m all about mixing different genres and blurring the lines, but making a pop and an alternative artist sound good together is not an easy task, so kudos to Skrillex for being a superhero. We appreciate it. On that note: have I mentioned that Ed Sheeran co-wrote Love Yourself? One of my all-time favorite artists worked on a song with Justin. I. just. can’t. I listened to it a couple times already and let me tell you one thing: I don’t know who the target of the song is but thank god it’s not me. That person’s screwed lol.

I could go on and on about how much I love this album but you should listen for yourselves. All I’m gonna say is that Purpose is everything I hoped it would be. It’s honest. It’s authentic. It’s real. I’ve already mentioned this in one of my blog posts but I’m gonna say it again: creating music is easy. You write a catchy line, throw in some beats here and there, auto tune the shit out of everything and pay lots of people lots money to promote that shit and play it on the radio and stuff. Easy. But, you know, that’s now what people relate to. People don’t look at an album cover and say ‘omg, story of my life’. They don’t hear a beat and say ‘literally me’. And they certainly don’t relate to a musician by giving in to all the gossip. Usually, people are able to tell what’s fake and what’s not. They’re not dumb. If someone’s passionate about a musician they will definitely be able to figure out the purpose (pun #3) of a song. One can tell if a song was recorded with the right intentions or not. This is why I hate Journals. This is why I love Purpose. Listening to this record makes me feel at ease. It’s relaxing because it doesn’t sound forced. It sounds genuine and honest. It sounds like Justin’s finally making the music he’s been dying to do for all those years. Now, I know I have no idea what his life is like. I don’t know what is going on behind the scenes. I don’t know what’s on his mind when he sits in a car that is surrounded by dumbass paparazzi and screaming fans. Is he happy, blessed, annoyed or did he simply get used to it (pun #4)? I don’t know what it’s like to travel from state to state, country to country, city to city and have interviews where 99% of the time you get asked the same damn questions over and over again, pretending you think really hard about them while smiling so that people can’t tell you’re slightly bored (I watched a couple of his recent interviews and trust me, even I would be able to answer those questions by now). So yeah, I guess it’s safe to say that I don’t know shit about a lot of things. And chances are that that’ll never change. But mark my words (pun #5) when I say that Justin Bieber is ready. He’s ready for this new era that’s filled with people who finally realize that he’s actually not that bad after all. They’ll realize that his music is grown-up and dope. Dudes will call him bro instead of gay.

I think that by finding his purpose (pun #6) he realized that life is worth living (pun #7) and that all you need to do is love yourself (pun #8) because the feeling (pun #9) you’ll get will not only inspire you, but also everyone else, especially the children (pun #1o). Okay, that last pun was really stupid but I cannot stand the number 9. I just can’t.

Alright, to round up this blog post I’d like to say two more things: 1) I don’t call myself a belieber anymore. Not because I don’t like his music (it should be pretty clear by now that I love it) but because that fandom scares the living shit out of me, which is why I call myself a fan. Nothing more/less. 2) Y’all know that to me there’s a huge difference between singers and artists. I used to see Justin as a singer. And here’s the thing: I changed my mind.

Justin Bieber became an artist. And it was about time.

ps.: if you read the entire blog post then you’re officially my hero. thank you for taking time for sth that I’m passionate about.

pps.: Justin’s not the only one to release new music today! Hailee Steinfeld released her first EP Haiz, Brandyn Burnette has also put out his first EP called Made Of Dreams, Ed Sheeran’s got a Wembley Edition of his album X, Alessia Cara’s sharing her debut album Know-It-All and One Direction make their fans going crazy for their new record Made In The A.M.

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