Current Obsession | To the River by Causes


You have no idea how excited I am to finally be able to write this blog post! If you watch the videos I post on my personal Facebook then you’ll probably recognize the band that I’ll be talking about in just a minute. If you don’t pay attention to the music I share with y’all (which you should cause we’re friends and stuff), then please let me introduce you to the band I’ve been obsessed with for months:


Image via
Image via

Causes is an Indie/Pop band from the Netherlands. They first caught my attention a couple months after they released their song Teach Me How To Dance With You. Gosh, I wish I could express my feelings I have for this song. Not many songs manage to calm me down the way this one does. Don’t believe me? Listen to it yourself cause this blog post is actually meant to be about their new EP To the River.

For some inexplicable reason I did not realize their EP was out until they DM’d me on Twitter (SHAME ON ME). I listened to it as soon as I got home from work and I fell in love with it. The second I heard the first song, which is To the River, I knew I’d love the whole EP. Just like their first single, this new music makes me feel at ease. You know that moment when a certain song starts playing and all you feel is relief and comfort? Like, imagine having a really shitty (Mon)day where literally everything goes wrong, none of the things you planned are going the way you want them to, people are rude to you for no reason, it’s rainy and windy and cold, you miss the train, your phone runs out of battery, you receive a bad mark at uni and on top of that, there’s this old lady in front of you who buys the last piece of croissant at the bakery, which pisses you off cause it’s the one thing you were looking forward to the whole day. Try to remember what one of those super crappy days feels like and then try to recall that moment when you open the door and enter this warm, comfy and familiar place that smells like cherry pie. It’s what people refer to as home. That’s the feeling I get when I listen to Causes’ music.

The beat, the lyrics, the melody – everything’s perfect. However, the thing that I love the most is the lead singer’s voice. Holy freaking crap. I feel like there are so many artists out there who get so lost in focusing on various singing techniques etc that they forget to concentrate on the one thing that no synthesizer in the world can work on: emotion. Being able to deliver emotion is what makes people respect the artist.

If you’re curious to see what it feels like to experience Causes’ music, then pleeeaaaaase listen to their new song To the River by clicking here! I truly believe in their music and I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time till you find them chilling on the top of the iTunes charts.

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