Review | Confident by Demi Lovato


Okay, guys. I decided to do it. I decided to write my first review and I’ll try to stay as objective as possible (can’t promise anything tho).

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Only a couple months after her fun, sexy single Cool for the Summer, Demi Lovato released her fifth album called Confident. It consists of eleven tracks (or 15 if you go for the deluxe version), which are mostly uptempo pop songs. After listening to the first song, which is called like the album, it becomes clear that Demi is in it to slay it. She’s not here to play so don’t even try to bring her down. She’s owning the moment by being this confident (no pun intended, I swear), powerful, grown-up woman who’s ready to kick some ass, starting with those who dared to doubt her as an artist. Songs like Waitin for You (feat. Sirah) and Kingdom Come (feat. Iggy Azaela) are perfect examples for this new chapter of her life. The whole album is a perfect reflection of a girl who has been through a lot of things at a very young age but instead of going back to her old ways (pun intended) she worked hard to become the powerful women she is today.

But being confident isn’t only about knowing your strengths, it’s about acknowledging your weaknesses and being honest by opening your heart to moments and people that might hurt you. Songs like Stone Cold or Father are two of those songs that show that even confident, badass women are vurnerable. Those are the tracks, which keep the record balanced and real.

Out of all the albums Demi has released so far, I’d say this is by far my favorite one. Not because it’s new but because it seems to be the most honest, true to herself record she’s done so far and that shows in the lyrics of her songs. They speak the stone cold (no pun intended… I think) truth, which proves what I said at the very beginning: Demi Lovato is not here to play. She’s here to warn the music industry and Confident is phase one.

(Okay, I really tried to stay objective and stuff but I may or may not have started fangirling toward the end? Well, you know what? I started this blog to share my passions with y’all, ain’t nobody got time for holding back the fangirl that’s inside of me.)

ps.: it’s friday, which means there are tons of new releases! DNCE release their video for Cake by the Ocean, Justin Bieber teamed up with Ariana Grande to do a remix of his song What do you mean? (only available if your pre-order Purpose) and Fall Out Boy put out a new version of Irresistible featuring Demi Lovato!

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