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I’ve been wanting to feature this artist on my blog before I even decided that I wanted to write a blog. This is how much I love this singer. His music is unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. It’s surreal.


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I first heard about XOV when his song Animal was featured on the Mockingjay pt. 1 soundtrack. I remember listening to every song and I was quite disappointed as I didn’t like the soundtrack as much as I thought I would. By the time I had realized that I was already more than halfway through the album and I remember being like ‘Okay, whatevs. I might as well listen to the whole thing now.’ Thank God I did.
At first I didn’t really know what to think of the song. I thought it sounded kinda weird because I had never heard anything like it before. It sounded a bit off and it was clear that this song would not end up being one of those mainstream tracks. Maybe that’s what made me add the song to my Autumn 2014 playlist on Spotify. Then, as time began to pass, I kept seeing XOV everywhere. Spotify kept recommending his music to me and to be honest with y’all: I completely forgot I knew him. Although his name looked familiar, I totally forgot I had added his song to my playlist. I almost didn’t click on his name but for some reason I did anyway. Imagine my reaction when I heard Animal and realized what a dumbass I was. Anywaaaaaaaay.

I’ve been listening to his music ever since and I love it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. XOV’s album Wild is BY FAR one of the best albums of 2015. Yes, I know that lots of new music will be coming out in the next couple of weeks but I also know that none of that is going to be like Wild. The sound, the beats, the melody – the whole production of the song is so unique. I was gonna compare XOV to other artists so that you can get an idea of what his style is like but I can’t. There’s just simply no other artist like him out there. Usually when I listen to a musician I’m always like ‘Oh, this kinda reminds me of x. It totally sounds like y with a little bit of z.’ Well, XOV’s music cannot be put in any of those categories. He truly is an outstanding artist. Oh, and don’t even get me started on his voice. It’s mysterious, sexy, haunting and dangerous at the same time (yes, I mean it so don’t you dare question my description – ever.)

To give you a little taste of his music I thought I’d share my favourite lyrics with y’all. I think they are gonna give you a great insight into his album (they’re honest af, just saying).

Wild (Deluxe)

1| Lucifer: “I’ve been dragged through the mud, I can still taste the blood.”

2| DTTM (Don’t Talk To Me): “I’m proud of being an outsider. We want no part of your shallow dream. Oh honey, we are, we are survivors. Our kind don’t follow the streams.”

3| Blood Honey: “There was a time I wanted vengeance but staying mad and hurt makes no sense.”

4| Animal: “I can’t be tamed I’m a blood cold killer.”

5| Boys Don’t Cry: “My best friends turned to demons.”

6| Wild: “This world wants too much from me. I gave it everything, it’s modern slavery.”

7| Black Ocean: “Emotions, so much emotion. You don’t know what to do with yourself. An ocean, you’ve cried an ocean and you’re too proud to ask for some help.”

8| Guns & Ammunition: “Fuck your love, I need guns and ammunition.”

9| Enemy: “I don’t understand what happened here, thought we were friends.”

10| Chaos: “You overthink and you wonder why was I struck with thunder.”

11| Money: “But money got me trippin’, to money I’m a slave.”

12| Zero: “Even if you kill yourself it wouln’t matter cause you’re dead to me.”

13| Ghost: “I’m out, fuck you. Here’s a bullet and a gun.”

14| Paradise: “You disappear in the dark, you’re like my shadow.”

15| Cocaine Karma: “I ran but there’s nowhere to hide. Life’s a bitch.”

16| Lucifer – Naked Edition

After looking at the lyrics I’d say that his album/songs can be divided in three topics. On the one hand he reflects on his past and admits all the shit that he’s done – he realizes he messed up and apologizes. On the other hand he shares his romantic relationship(s) with us by mentioning both, the ups and the downs. The last topic that plays a huge role on his album is about finding his inner peace and leaving all those backstabbing, wannabe friends behind. Well, at least this is how I’d describe the stories and messages of his album. Feel free to prove me wrong by LISTENING to this beautiful, honest record. Oh and btw, my favourite songs are DTTM, Blood Honey (I lose all my shit when the beat drops after the first verse), Black Ocean and Zero.

ps.: can we just talk about how amazing the cover of his album is? IT’S SO PRETTY.

pps.: Selena Gomez’ new album Revival is out, Demi Lovato finally released the video for Confident, Olly Murs’ new song Kiss Me is out, Ellie Goulding’s Something In The Way You Move is available on iTunes if you pre-ordered her album Delirium aaaand The 1975 are back with their new single called Love Me.


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