Jess Recommends | DNA by Clairity


As much as I enjoy discovering new music, I find great pleasure in sharing certain songs with my friends. It’s like when you give someone you love a present and all you want them to do is to finally open it cause seeing their (positive) reaction makes you way happier than receiving something yourself. Alright, now that we’ve learned that giving is more fun than taking we’ve set the base for our amazing lives as BFFs. Let’s talk about music.

‘Jess Recommends’ is about songs/singers/bands/albums/concerts etc. that I’m so obsessed with that I have no other choice than to share them with you (you’re welcome). Besides, sharing is caring. The first song in this category is DNA by Clairity.

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Oh, boy. I was gonna tell you all about how much I love this song and that I can’t stop listening to it blah blah blah but instead I decided to tell you what exactly it is that makes me enjoy being obsessed with this track. Besides the catchy melody and the singer’s haunting voice, there is this one thing that I love even more: the LYRICS. SHHHHHHH. Stop it. I know what you’re thinking. But here’s the thing: there are lyrics and there are LYRICS. There are songs that you listen to because they are fun and have a nice beat and shit and then there are songs that allow you to connect with the music and its message. DNA is one of those songs. Don’t believe me? Here’s how the chorus of the song goes:

“When you tear it all apart it’s just DNA / Destroying what we fear / Hate is such an ancient game / When we’re all that we have left, yet we aim to kill / living in a battlefield.”

Isn’t it brilliant? The message of the song is so brutally honest it hurts. Seriously. While I enjoy listening to songs that leave me more heartbroken than a relationship ever will, I cannot get enough of music that’s just straight up honest. If you agree with me then please show Clairity some love by listening to DNA (taken from her EP called Alienation). It’ll be worth every second of it.


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