Playlist | Autumn 2015


If you know me in person then it’s probably no news to you that I absolutely hate fall. I hate it. I HATE IT. It gets colder, it’s windy, you need to start layering the shit out of your clothes, it gets dark really early and when you wake up in the morning it feels like someone hit you in the head cause all you can see is darkness. I don’t understand why people enjoy these things. I really don’t. HOWEVER, there are two things that I get really excited about at this time of the year: 1) all my favorite TV shows are coming back 2) tons of artists are releasing new music.

Right, let’s go straight to 2) cause my Autumn 2015 playlist on Spotify is finally here! Whoop, whoop. Everytime the seasons change I create a new playlist, which usually consists of approximately 70 songs. Most of the songs are new but I do like to add some classics or, you know, songs that I grew up with. With that being said, I want you to realize that my playlists never actually match their names. My summer playlist does definitely not consist of a bunch of summer hits and my winter playlist is certainly not full Christmas songs. My playlists simply represent the songs that I listen to in each season, which is why the genres vary from alternative rock to indie pop to hip hop to electronic. Get it?

I hope you like it! Anything you think I should add?


Disclaimer: the playlists are for entertainment purposes only! Don’t you dare pin some shit on me. Cheers x

p.s.: It’s friday, which means that there’s lots of new music available for our addicted little ears! Alright, here we go: Rudimental teamed up with Ed Sheeran on a song called Lay It All On Me (that’s Ed Sheeran’s LAST song before the release of this 3rd album *sob*), Sam Smith finally shared the new Bond theme song called Writing’s On The Wall, Disclosure put out their album Caracal which includes ten collabs (if you purchase the deluxe version) and Troye Sivan’s brilliant video for Fools is finally out! Yes, these are just SOME of today’s releases. I can’t list all of them, I have exams coming up.

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