Current Obsession | Same Old Love, Better Love, Oh My Love

Triple Love.

I have a confession to make: I’m in love…

…with music.

(okay, okay that was really lame and bad and cringe-worthy I’m sorry).

There are three songs that I’ve been loving these past couple days so I thought I’d share them with y’all (duuh). Most of them have been released quite recently so this blog post might as well be some sort of a newsletter to you.

Selena Gomez | Same Old Love

Image via
Image via

Let’s start with the latest release, shall we? If you haven’t listened to Selena Gomez’ new single Same Old Love then please…. PLEASE listen to it while you read this post. When she released Good For You, all I could think of was how amazing her new album would be if the rest of the songs had the same kind of vibe. Then she went on with sharing her absolutely stunning cover for her new album Revival and as if that wasn’t enough she blessed the world with Same Old Love. Now, she may be singing about a lover from the past but her music is anything but old. It’s new, it’s refreshing and it’s grown-up.

To me, her previous records sounded quite similar to each other, there wasn’t much diversity and most of them sounded quite Disney-ish, if you know what I mean. This is why I’m so incredibly happy that she finally seems to be doing the kind of music she truly believes in. Selena seems to be genuinely passionate, excited and satisfied with her new album and that’s what made me realize that the new Selena Gomez is back. It’s time for her revival.

Foxes | Better Love

Image via
Image via

Foxes performed at Sziget Festival in Budapest this year and while I couldn’t make it *sob* I was lucky enough to watch the live stream. She performed some new songs along with some old ones but the song that really caught my attention was Better Love. I’m a huge fan of her first album, Glorious, so I’m 100% sure that her second album, All I Need, will be equally as good.

What I love about Better Love is that it’s so damn catchy – but in a good way. You know those songs which you absolutely hate but they’re stuck in your head anyway? And no matter how much music you listen to, it’s that one stupid, very bad-written song that you can’t stop singing? Well, Better Love is not one of them. In fact, the song is so fun and joyful that I’m actually glad I cannot get it out of my head. Don’t believe me? Watch the teaser for her soon-to-be-out music video.

The Score | Oh My Love

Image via
Image via

Aasfdskjdlsd = I fucking love this song, it’s my new jam.

Even though the song came out a while ago I cannot stop listening to this glorious piece of music. It is so, so good. Like really good. I’m 100% sure that this song will be a huge hit in Austria. It’s uptempo, fun, catchy and it instantly puts you in a good mood – what else could you ask for in a summer song? I fell in love with it the second I heard it for the first time and I have no doubt that others will, too. I wish I could write a couple more sentences about this song but I’m actually listening to it while I’m writing this and I just can’t stop jamming out to the chorus so, uhm, yeah… why don’t you do me a favor and listen to it too so I feel less awkward? Okay, thanks.

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