In the Spotlight | Alessia Cara


I don’t know if you’ve noticed as this is only my fourth post but I like to focus on artists who are not that famous and mainstream and who are underrated. I constantly talk about those unknown artists and that’s probably the reason why I annoy the crap out of my friends. Their playlists consist of the top 10 iTunes charts and my aim is to change that a little bit. I’d like to introduce them to new artists who deserve all the recognition they can get. So here I am, introducing my first “In the Spotlight” artist:

Alessia Cara

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First things first: she’s badass. Seriously. Trust me when I say that she’s one of those singers who’s gonna be super duper famous in, hmm, let’s say two months (or maybe three cause Austria is usually a couple steps behind). I discovered Alessia Cara on Spotify a couple months ago and when I first heard her song Here, I didn’t really know what it was that made me rape the repeat button. All I knew is that I loved it. After adding it to my Spring 2015 playlist on Spotify and listening to it like a million times I finally realized what the reason for my obsession was: her song is relatable. Most of the songs that are on the charts are nice and catchy, they have a nice beat and all the extra jazz BUT most of the time I find it really hard to connect to the lyrics and, you know, feel them. Alessia’s songs, however, are totally relatable and that’s what I love about her songwriting skills. If I had to use one emoji to describe my feelings about her music, it’d probably be the preach emoji. Seriously.

Alessia Cara released her debut EP Four Pink Walls at the end of August. It consists of five songs, including her hit single Here, which she actually performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (yes, I freaked out when I heard about this.) Unfortunately, it’s not available worldwide – yet. BUT! Remember when I told you what a badass she is? Well, she uploaded all of the songs that are on her EP on YouTube. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that this is nothing special blah blah blah BUT it is. Why? Because she recorded a video for each of the songs. BOOM. Told ya. Badass. I mean, c’mon, she basically pulled a Beyoncé. Oh, and did I mention that she covered Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood during BBC Radio 1’s Piano Sessions? She even rapped Kendrick Lamar’s part. SAY WHAAAAT.

Guys, please do yourselves a favor and check out Alessia Cara’s music on YouTube. It’s different, unique and very refreshing. It’s the new mainstream. You’ll see.


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