New Release | WILD by Troye Sivan


It’s finally here!!! Troye Sivan’s new EP WILD is finally out and it’s sooooo gooooood. Like really good. If you don’t know who Troye Sivan is: he’s a popular Australian YouTuber who happens to be an amazingly talented singer. I remember when his EP T.R.X.Y.E came out last year… people on social media went pretty cray-cray! He’s definitely an artist to look out for. Not only is his music great but it’s really unique too. If you are part of #TeamInternet, you’re probably familiar with the most popular singers who are YouTubers. Out of all those singers, I feel like Troye’s the one who stands out the most. Don’t get me wrong – they’re all great musicians! But Troye’s got that special something that results in him getting so many incredible opportunities (like being featured on Zedd’s album…) that most of the artists out there can’t even dream of.

Image via
Image via

WILD consists of six tracks (including songs featuring Broods and Tkay Maidza), which are quite uptempo. Each of the songs has that one special element that immediately makes you think of Troye himself. I feel like the recognition factor is one of the most difficult yet important things an artist needs to achieve. Putting out a nice, catchy song is easy but here’s the thing: everybody can do that. What seperates you from others is that one tiny element that decides if you’re gonna be remembered as that one-hit-wonder or as an truly gifted artist. I believe in Troye Sivan’s talent. I believe that he’s got the potential to be more than that YouTuber who occasionally puts out some new music. I believe that Troye Sivan’s an artist to watch. He’s already got #TeamInternet watching his back and that, my friends, is something that numerable multi-platinum selling artists out there cannot say about themselves. Watch out for Troye Sivan, y’all.

ps.: can we talk about the EP’s artwork for a second? I mean look at it. LOOK HOW GORGEOUS IT IS.

pps.: Troye’s released the video for his song WILD, which is the first video of the Blue Neighbourhood trilogy. Make sure you watch it cause the video’s like a freaking movie.


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